#01—“A Long-Expected Party”

And we’re off!

Join us for a lively discussion of fireworks, pipe-weed, and the social norms of Middle-earth.

Comments are welcome. We are still fine-tuning the format that our discussions will have, so please let us know what you think!


4 thoughts on “#01—“A Long-Expected Party”

  1. I enjoyed the reflection on being stretched–like butter on toast. Just last week, I was with a bunch of PhD’s at The Center of Creative Leadership (ccl.com)–a highly ranked organization in the research and application of leadership. As part of their “newer” work on resilience (burnout is common among top CEOs) their research lead them to recommend that every 90 minutes leaders take a “resilience break” of between 5-10 minutes and do nothing.They recommend taking a walk (preferably outside); having no connection to technology; and becoming “friends” with silence. They said that this increases overall productivity and satisfaction in life/work. I did not mention Bilbo in this meeting but I did think of your conversation. I find your podcast quite enlightening.


    1. I think grad students can definitely identify with burnout, perhaps for different reasons. I’ve found time and again that taking a pause from work and spending some quiet time outside refreshes me, of course Bilbo is going for a much longer walk than I have ever done. I continue to struggle for balance when it comes to the iPhone; it’s such a handy tool but it really pulls you away from the moment. We’ve said it before but if you’re not careful, like the ring, it can consume you. It totally makes sense to me that even CEOs should leave it behind for a while.


  2. Great stuff, guys! I really enjoyed the analysis on language and etymology of some of the words. I’d suggest keeping the description consistent with the content of the podcast. For instance, it seems like you had fireworks and pipe-weed on the docket but were unable to discuss them in full. As for the random-ass topic, I’m currently having fun thinking about parallels between Sméagol/Gollum and Anakin/Darth Vader. Keep it up!

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    1. Oh man, there wasn’t enough time to get to the fireworks or the pipe-weed, two of my favorite things! Glad you enjoyed it, though. Hopefully, we’ll touch on Pipe-weed when it comes up again and maybe we’ll put Fireworks on the random-ass theme list. Do you have any suggestions for such themes for future chapters? Hit us up at thetolkienheads@gmail.com and we’ll give you a shout out.


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