#07—“In the House of Tom Bombadil”

What’s in a name? This week the Heads puzzle through what it means to know somebody else—or even ourselves. Are we defined by how we think about ourselves? … by how others think about us? … or maybe by the things we do and say?

We join the Hobbits for story time with Tom and Goldberry as we ask some important questions, not the least of which is: who or what is Tom Bombadil?


2 thoughts on “#07—“In the House of Tom Bombadil”

  1. Catching up after having not had my headphones at work for a few weeks. Richard, you should partition the timeline of your life into Ages based on what name you primarily used during each period. I was fortunate to have gotten to know you during the Richard Age. Also a notable event during this Age was the forging of the great ankle Ring.


  2. Really enjoyed this episode! Especially your discussions on mastery and the question of who you are. That was really good, and I find myself thinking about it every so often.


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