#08—“Fog on the Barrow-downs”

As the Hobbits conclude their “short cut”—after some new and dangerous situations—and get back onto the Road, we discuss the feeling of getting back on track after a long hiatus, and not losing sight of the big picture.

We also reflect on the nature of evil in Middle-earth.

RANDOM-ASS THEME: Noise-canceling headphones

4 thoughts on “#08—“Fog on the Barrow-downs”

  1. The discussion in this episode was very engaging and enjoyable! And I suppose it’s a recurring theme in the books, with the Ring in particular, but I was surprised your conversation on evil didn’t mention Nietzsche’s famous “abyss” quote.

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  2. Again, a very interesting discussion 🙂 Although, the one about evil needed a big “Spoiler Alert” Disclaimer in my opinion… I was a bit surprised how openly you discussed Boromir when so far you have been only hinting at other things to come. How did that happen?
    As so far I had overlooked that the barrow downs are dry compared to the surrounding land, I also really enjoyed Nathan’s landscape section, and your thoughts on the hobbits returning to the Road.


    1. Thanks, we agree that Nathan does a great job with his close-reading of the landscapes! And … oops. I think in the future (relative to the episode you’re on) we reach a better cognizance of what we should be discussing (or maybe, what we consider common knowledge) and what not. Thanks for pointing this out!


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