#09—“At the Sign of the Prancing Pony”

We follow the Hobbits into Bree and discuss what must be their thoughts and feelings as they encounter this new place and its uncanny (or at least unhobbitlike) architecture.

RANDOM-ASS THEME: Toenail clippers

2 thoughts on “#09—“At the Sign of the Prancing Pony”

  1. Not much to comment on here, but I did enjoy the cynical Brexit joke right at the beginning. Also, just gonna throw this suggestion out there for the language portion: “Sectio Lingua”, or however that should be declined.

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  2. One and half years after Ben’s comment, the Brexit joke is still fitting, although it leaves a bit of a bitter taste for me given how nervous people are getting, esp. about Northern Ireland. And the whole outside/inside discussion seems more fitting than ever.
    What struck me was Rich’s comparison between the Prancing Pony scence in the book vs. the film. For me, the two were very different, the film version seemed a lot more scary and menacing: the Big Folk overlook the hobbits, or in Merry’s case order him rudely around, and there are no hobbits or dwarves present as in the book. The men are raucous, but not in an inviting way, the whole scene to me paints the picture of the hobbits being extremely out of place. Pippin relaxing enough to forget about what they agreed upon fit a lot better in the cozy, friendly atmosphere that book scene evoked for me.


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