This week we continue our discussion about hedges, boundaries, and xenophobia in Middle-earth. Some racial issues crop up, as well; we mull over ideas about how people of color are—and aren’t—represented in Tolkien’s world.

The chapter is packed with judgments about newcomers and strangers. Are they justified? See whether you agree with us.

RANDOM-ASS THEME: Student loans

One thought on “#10—“Strider”

  1. Excellent! Just one addition — The “All that is gold does not glitter” verse was written by Bilbo “for the Dúnadan, a long time ago, when he first told me about himself.” Bilbo recites the poem during The Council of Elrond and whispers its origin to Frodo. I take “the Dúnadan” to be Aragorn, given that he is the only individual (“he”) whom Bilbo refers to that way.


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