#14—“Many Meetings”

Our first episode of Book Two looks at wrath. The Heads wonder whether anger can be directed towards a good end, or if it is inevitably a tool of the Shadow.

We also look into Bilbo’s notion of life as a story and history as a confluence of many personal stories. The story of Frodo as the Ringbearer began where Bilbo’s ended. Will Frodo’s quest find its end at Rivendell?


One thought on “#14—“Many Meetings”

  1. Wow, Chris, your version of the song is amazing! If you ever decided to sing the whole song, you would have at least one person listening ❤
    You know, I am wondering whether Bilbo at the time of his adventure thought it was relatively light. He was a lot less prepared, mentally, without an uncle telling stories about the world beyond the Shire, but also given the time he had to "plan" this. Now he seems to have a nearly flippant attitude, but while he was experiencing it? Obviously, not the whole continent is at stake, but from Bilbo's starting point facing a dragon with 13 dwarves also seems pretty tough… From our perspective it is definitely less dark, but for him at the time I am not so sure…


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