#15—“The Council of Elrond” (Part I)

There is much to talk about in the first half of this chapter. We learn yet another portion of the history of the One Ring, and it remains uncertain how the story will evolve from Rivendell.

Our lectio divina section has two would-be allies pitted against each other in their competing ideas about how to save Middle-earth. Will this disagreement be consequential for the story of the Ring?

RANDOM-ASS THEME: Toilet paper

One thought on “#15—“The Council of Elrond” (Part I)

  1. After your discussion of poetry, I am wondering whether the whole verse was written in the Black Speech originally, or if it was composed around the main part later on (Three rings for the elven-kings under the sky…). In “The Shadow of the Past” Gandalf says something along the lines of “the verse was well-known among learned elves”.
    Your lectio divina discussion made me think of the ignorance we in the Global North often show regarding other parts of the world: how “Africa” is often portrayed as just one place, notable only for conflict, disaster, poverty, corruption, and maybe large mammals (although media coverage plays a role in this, of course). As if a continent covering 20 per cent of the land surface would be the same everywhere! Or how — if something happens like the recent cyclone in Mozambique — there is an outcry, but a few weeks later this is forgotten again. So my call to action is to read more geographically diverse news again, while also keeping in mind what Chris’ said about the risk of getting carried away from the places where we can change something for the better. And help with an ongoing mapping project for the affected areas in Mozambique.


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